Does Retin A Require Inflammation to Work?

Hi, I have been using retin A for the last 6 months. I know that inflammation is required for the body to heal itself. So is inflammation required in the retin A mechanism to thicken the dermis? Or does retin A simply signal the body to produce a more youthful form of collagen without the use of inflammation? Thanks

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Retin A Collagen Production

Retin A has been proven to induce new collagen production.  However, the mechanism of action for collagen production is unrelated to the skin irritation many patients experience when first using Retin A.  Thus, experiencing irritation from Retin A has no correlation to the underlying dermal collagen production.  As always, I recommend being evaluated and treated by a board certified dermatologist so that a skin care regimen can be designed for your individual condition.

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Retin A

Retin A causes redness and irritation to the skin initially. This is the inflamation that causes new collagen to be formed and for the skin to improve.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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