Is It Ok to Spray Tan While Using Retin-A?

A person started using Retin-A. They finally gave up the tanning bed after too many years of use, and converted to spray tanning. Retin-A can make your skin really sensitive so  wanted to check if it is ok to spray tan while using Retin-A?

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Spray Tan While Using Retin-A

Congratulations on switching over to spay tanning. Both Retin-A and spray tanning have been out over ten years and I have never seen or heard of a problem using them together.

Of course, Retin-A (tretinoin) can be irritating and so it is best to start with a low strength like 0.025% and apply say three nights a week. You can work your way up to nightly and then progress to 0.05 and then 0.1%.

For the face, Anthelios 15 SPF is a very good morning moisturizer and sunscreen. A major advantage is that unless you are sweating or swimming, the ultraviolet A (UVA) protection will last all day. People really like the way it feels too.

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Spray Tanning and Retin A

In general, there is no contraindication between spray tanning and the nightly use of Retin A.  Occasionally, patients can become sensitized to one or both products and develop an irritant or allergic contact dermatitis.  If this occurs, one or both products may have to be discontinued.

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