Is Retin-a After Lasik Okay?

Hi, I am a patient who recently got Lasik surgery (4 days ago). I am also prescribed retin-A to control skin blemishes and acne, which I have been using for one year. I forgot about this when I got the surgery but was made aware that this could be an issue with my recent Lasik. Is it safe to go back on Retin-a? If not, at what point is it safe to return to the product. There seems to be almost no online info about this! Thanks.

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Retin-A usage after Lasik surgery

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If you have used tretinoin or Retin-A prior to surgery, Retin-A should be fine a week after Lasik surgery. Just make sure that you do not apply near the upper cheeks, under eye areas to minimize excessive eye dryness.

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