Could Retin- A .025% Be Too Weak for Me to See Results?

I've been using cream retin- A .025% for one month without presenting irritation or noticeable benefits. My skin's usually quite dry so I always apply a good amount of moisturizer following retin-A. My skin feels dry after applying the pasty formula but this is immediately corrected with the moisturizer. I am wondering if the lack of irritation could mean that I am using too low a strength to receive any benefits from the treatment or if the moisturizer is interfering with the effects of retinA

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Retin A dosage for optimal results

The best results with Retin A are achieved by starting with a low dose twice or three times a day and gradually increasing first the frequency to every night, then the strength.

Initially the skin gets a little more dry and flaky and may even be more pink than usual.  However that usually subsides.  If the irritation persists or increases, the dosage and frequency should be reduced. 

A moisturizer can be used under the Retin A if even the lowest dose is irritating.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Retin A

In my experience reaction to retin A depends on the skin type, how oily , thick the skin is. You still have a reaction, youme need to graduate to a higher concentration or use it twice daily. Wait before applying the moisturizer anoyt 3-5 min.

Samir Shureih, MD
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