How long will it take to see results from fraxel laser treatment?

I had my first fraxel laser treatment on acne scars in the last of december 2013. And after almost two months I haven't seen any result. I don't have deep scars (dents) and doctor told me that the 2nd treatment wont be needed. I just wanna know that when will I see the results? How much time will it take to get my skin leveled.?I'm from Pakistan.

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Repeat treatments are best for acne scars.

single session of Fraxel® is likely inadequate for treating acne scars. I’ve
found in my own practice that several treatments spaced about a month apart
have the most effective results on acne scars. Certainly after two months, you
are over the initial healing from your first session. If you’re not seeing the
results you hoped for, I’d recommend scheduling a follow-up session with a
board-certified dermatologist with plenty of experience in laser resurfacing
for the best outcome.

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Results after fraxel

Thanks for your question.

The results after laser resurfacing can be quite impressive.  I use a fraxel repair laser, and it takes about 2 weeks for most of the redness and swelling to be gone.  Give yourself appropriate time to recover, and discuss your goals with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Best of Luck to you

Steven M. Camp, MD
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