After pregnancy, should I do fraxel or roaccutane first or second?

I would like to know a good time line where I don't have to wait too long to restore myself to what I was. hormones in pregnancy have taken such a toll on me and undone some previous roaccutane treatment and laser treatment also. How long to wait and which one should come first? Fraxel or Roaccutane ? Im looking for a major recovery and a very permanent one. I don't plan on being pregnant again either.

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Acne and laser treatments

If you still have acne flares it is best to treat your acne and get this under control first. After your acne is not an issue I would pursue your Fraxel treatment and improve the texture and scars on your face. Please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience in Fraxel. 

New York Dermatologist
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Laser or Isotretinoin?

I typically recommend that patients treat their acne first prior to laser.  Fraxel Laser can actually cause a flare of acne. You might be best served by completing a course of isotretinoin and then waiting 6 months prior to being treated with the non-ablative Fraxel Restore laser.

Jerome Potozkin, MD
Danville Dermatologic Surgeon
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