Restylane, Radiesse & Juvederm Warnings - Heart Attack or Stroke from Injecting into Blood

I have seen this on consent forms. This makes me not want to procede. It says the product can be accidently injected into a blood vessel, resulting in a heart attack or stroke. My questions does the surgeon knowingly prevent this? Please reassure me!

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Fillers and complications

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Although these risks are extremely rare, they are all pointed out to patients prior to a procedure.  It is like being struck by lightening.

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Complications like stroke or heart attack should not occur during a well-performed Injectable Filler procedure.

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Frankly, I haven't heard of such complications arising as a result of Juvederm or Restylane injections. Injectable Fillers are placed just below your skin, and large arteries or veins are typically not present. I think you will feel reassured after your consultation with a reputable dermatologist or facial plastic surgeon that performs hundreds of injectable procedures each year.

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