How can I restore my lost facial volume without using fillers?

am afraid of using filllers so i want any alternative solution to get back my face baby fat which i lost, am 38 years old, am suffering also from very horriblle eye bags which i do not know how to treat without any surgical process or injections?

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Restoring lost facial volume and under eye bag treatment

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There are other more natural ways to restore lost facial volume such as fat transfer or fat stem cell face lift (a combination of Fat, Fat Stem Cells, and PRP transfer). Since we will be using autologous cells, or basically cells that come from your own body, there is virtually no chance of rejection.

As for your lower eyelid, you can try thermage using the special eyelid probe which works effectively for areas around the eyes.

If your main concern with not wanting surgery is due to the possibility of having visible scars, you may want to try transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty. This technique works best for cases where there is excessive fat deposit along the lower eyelid which is quite common for patients around your age. With this technique, some risks associated with traditional lower blepharoplasty such as eye lid malformation are minimized and there will be absolutely no chance of visible scarring.

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