How close to surgery can someone cancel or reschedule and be refunded?

If something happened to come up around someones surgery date can someone cancel an still get a full refund? And how close to surgery can that be done? Also if someone happened to be on their period on surgery day would a rhinoplasty surgery need to be rescheduled?

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How close to surgery can someone cancel or reschedule and be refunded

Thank you for your question.  Refunds after a cancellation is based on the office policy.  The surgery does not need to be rescheduled because of a menstrual period.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.  Best wishes.  

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Rhinoplasty questions

Hello! Office policies regarding rescheduling will vary widely and should be asked prior to paying for surgery if not explicitly explained. Penalties are usually different for refund vs. rescheduling, and also may vary depending on the reason (ie, medical emergency vs. pt desire to reschedule/cancel procedure). While the literature supports a slight increase in bruising while patients are menstruating, surgery is not rescheduled for this reason. Good luck!

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Surgery scheduling

Every doctor has there own individual policies regarding cancellations and refunds which should be explained to you by the staff and given to you in writing along with your quotation. You will be asked to sign acceptance of these terms just as you would for an airline ticket purchase or other service items.
Please always be aware that when you schedule surgery you are reserving the time of your doctor, the operating room, nurses and anesthesia staff for yourself. This is time that can then not be offered to other patients. Because of this cancellations beyond a certain period before surgery typically have financial penalties.

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