May I RESTART wearing my RGP contact lenses between the time I completed my ICL consultation/exam, and ICL surgery?

I stopped wearing RGP lenses for 1.5 months leading up to ICL consultation/testing. After testing, my surgeon said that because testing was complete, I could restart wearing my RGP lenses up to the moment of ICL surgery because he had test results for my natural cornea. As this was ICL and not Lasik surgery, he didn't care if my cornea was re-distorted on the day of surgery by restarting RGP wear. I hate wearing my glasses so sounded reasonable, but was this safe and sound advice? any risks?

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Yes, once the preop of is complete

This can be surgeon dependent on the answer, but I think most agree that you can resume. In my office, once all your preoperative tests are complete for the Visian ICL we advises patients they can resume contact lens wear up tot he day of the procedure.

Beverly Hills Ophthalmologist

Contact lens wear before ICL surgery

Yes, once your surgical measurements have been taken, you can resume wearing your RGP lenses. Even if they distort the shape of your cornea, your surgeon has already calculated what your proper ICL strength needs to be. I would still recommend you be out of your lenses for two days prior to the procedure itself, to allow your corneas to be healthy and well oxygenated during the procedure. And, I am assuming you are not waiting a long time for the ICL procedure (a few days or weeks… if months, your measurements would need to be retaken with your contacts out several weeks).

Mazin Yaldo, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

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