Can I work in the heat after ICL surgery?

What r the occupational precautions to be taken after implantable contact lens surg ? like..exposure to heat, radiation, athletic activity, driving etc.?

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Resuming Normal Activities after ICL Surgery

Once you are outside of the immediate postoperative period of about 2 weeks, it is is generally safe to return to regular activities. These may include:
  • Strenuous athletic activity
  • Driving
  • Outdoor activities, such as golf
In our practice I've had patients climb K2 and dive the great barrier reef a month after the procedure. Other extremes that you are mentioning like radiation or heat (like working as a glass blower or at a steel mill) are not recommended with or without the ICL.

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Postop restrictions following ICL surgery

Other than avoiding swimming and getting water in your eyes for two weeks post-surgery, and rubbing or getting hit in your eyes for the same period of time, there are no restrictions on activities after having ICL surgery.

Mazin Yaldo, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

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