Restylane Vital

When i use google to search for restylane i often see adverts for 'restylane vital'...what is this product and how does it compare vs. restylane injections? is it available in the US? do you like the product?

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Restylane Vital

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Restylane vital is european community-approved for hydrating and refreshing face and neck skin. It has not been approved for the United States.

West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Restylane Vital, Juvederm Hydrate and Filorga NTFC

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As a spanish surgeon I can tell you that Restylane Vital, Juvederm Hydrate and Filorga NTFC are European Community approved for hydrating and refreshing face and neck skin. They are very used in Europe, and results are very satisfactory. The aim is to moisture and refresh the skin. It has nothing to do with other filler products, like Restylane, whose main objective is to fill or enhance a depressed area. Restylane Vital and Juvederm Hydrate are not US approved.

Enrique Etxeberria, MD
Spain Plastic Surgeon

What is Restylane Vital?

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Hello.  Restylane Vital is not approved in the US.  We have not reviewed the literature enough to know the differences between Restylane and Restylane Vital, but we do have a fairly full complement of injection procedures in the US already.  

Consult a plastic surgeon or dermatologist that uses a combination of injection products and you should be able to find one that suits your needs.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Resylane Vital

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Restylane vital is european community-approved for "hydro-balance" restoration. It is used in facial skin, neck & hands, to restore the "moisture from within". It is not approved yet in USA. There is also a Restylne Vital Light. Both are available as 1 ml syringes , & as manually-loaded injector 2 ml packaging. They are very popular overseas. I have injected both products in patients overseas, with very gratifying results. The usual course is 3 monthly injections; after that,  it is just 1 injection every 3-6 months. 

Khaled El-Hoshy, MD
Detroit Dermatologic Surgeon

Restylane Vital not available in the US

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Restylane comes in a variety of flavors outside the United States. The slight variations relate to the density and viscosity of the products. Practically these products very much overlap as to their clinical usefulness. It is not clear if Restylane Vital will become approved in the US. My personal feeling is that almost any filler application needed can be treated with either Restylane or Perlane or a combination of the two fillers.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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