How to Reshape Triangular Belly Button?

My belly button 2 weeks post-op is triangular in shape and the lower left (corner - since when do belly buttons have corners!) of the triangle is swollen and slightly protruding. It does not have a normal round or oval contour to it and I am quite concerned.

Is there anything I can do to assist in shaping it more round or oval or to decrease the swelling in the lower left and how should I properly care for the umbilicus at this stage? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am wearing spandex.

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Consider the Marble Trick

It is still very early after surgery.

I commonly see belly buttons that start out with a triangular shape and get pulled out into a rounder shape due to the tension from pulling the skin.

Give it at least 3 months before making any judgments.

The bubbly swollen appearance will also settle down as the swelling resolves.

For some of my patients who are concerned about the swelling and shape, we use the marble trick. IF and when your skin can tolerate tape, consider taping an old fashioned glass marble (easy to clean or sterilize) into the belly button and tape it in place.

IF after the 3 months have elapsed and you are still unsatisfie, consider revisionary suirgery at that time.

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Belly button concerns are common after tummy tuck

The belly button is often the focus after a tummy tuck and the scar around can be more concerning than even the low scar across the hip. As far as the aesthetics are concerned it can be important to discuss this umbilical scar and shape before any procedure.

The belly button or umbilicus as we call it is not a singular shape. The umbilicus can be more round in appearance, more linear up and down, oval, or even slightly triangular with a slight upper hood. The shape that appeals to you may be what you were used to before the tummy tuck, or perhaps the shape before pregnancy. Also some will consider a more linear to oval shape more youthful.

It appears that your surgeon just went with his best instinct at the time and the issue may not have been brought up beforehand. At this time be patient, keep the area clean showering, and you may find a small application of bacitracin ointment helpful as the area heals. Revision is possible as there is no need to panic. You may find the shape improves and suits your figure well.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Be patient, things will change

At just 2 weeks after surgery it is way too early to decide how the belly button will look. There will be many slow changes. The final result take about 1 year to see. and many of the concerns that patients have ho away during that time.

Be patient.

John P. Stratis, MD
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Assume you had a tummy tuck

Presumably you are talking about the shape of your belly button after a tummy tuck. The shape of the umbilicus after surgery depends on the shape of the hole your surgeon cut in the skin to bring your belly button back out at the end of the procedure. If it looks triangular, that is because he or she thought that was the best shape and look. This would be an issue to discuss with them. Perhaps a revision could be done to round it out or make it more oval after 6 months of healing have occurred.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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What procedure was done to it?

At two weeks, the puffiness is normal (assuming no infection).  Over the next several months, natural healing forces will tend to round out the corners.  If after !6 months you are not happy, a revision can be performed.


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