My Doctor Injected Juvederm That Had an Expired Date, To Whom Should this be Reported to?

My physician injected me with juvederm that had expired. My mouth area was black and many people over the next two weeks thought I had hoof and mouth or some other infection. I still have some scaring. I was on a trip and this was so uncomforable. My doctor has offered no restitution. Should this physician be reported?

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Expired Juvederm

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As Dr. Herzog stated, injectors often use expired product on themselves with no adverse outcomes. It is likely that the areas of blackness were bruising, assuming they resolved.  I recommend contacting the manufacturer of Juvederm (Allergan) and they can direct you where to go from there.

Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Old juvederm

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First of all, do you have photos and how out of date was this? I do not think that out of date Juvederm would cause anyone any harm.The FDA requires these things to be dated but my personal belief is that nothing will go "bad" in a sealed syringe for a very long time. I have used year past date filler on myself after loosing a syringe in back of cabinet and not wanting to use on patient and have not had a problem. Turning black does not ring a bell for any problem that might be expected with this but might have been bruising. 

Jo Herzog, MD
Birmingham Dermatologist
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