Replacing Invisalign Refinement Aligners Every 7 Days?

I've just started my Invisalign refinement and am on aligner 1 of 10. My ortho's assistant has instructed me to wear each aligner for 7 days. She assured me that if my aligners are seated properly, I can change them weekly. She suggested using Chewies several times a day, in order to get them seated. I asked her why my case was special enough to change them weekly and she said my teeth were "loose" and were able to move quickly. She assured me she did the same for her refinement, as well.

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How often to change the trays

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Your dentist would have the best information on how long they want you to wear your aligners. The refinement trays might have less movement build into each tray so you would not need as much time with them. Seven days still seems very short so just check that this is what they want you to do.

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Can I Change Invisalign Aligners Every Seven Days?

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Changing Invisalign aligners more often than every two weeks is contrary to Invisalign protocol and therefore done at your own risk. While it is true that the desired tooth movements are expressed in less than the two weeks that Invisalign recommends for each aligner (they actually occur in the first few days typically) the additional time is for the roots of the teeth to move and the bony changes to occur. Attempting to move a tooth too fast can permanently damage a tooth.

Good luck!

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