How to repair micro pin holes all over face from laser (orange peel texture)? (photo)

Can anyone suggest how I can help heal my skin after laser damage from the Emerge Fractional Laser? I have Micro pin holes all over where the laser tracked and have supplied pictures to show. My skin was very smooth prior (only 27 Years old) and used the treatment to fix melisma. I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Thank you

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Emerge Fractional Laser

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Emerge is a non-ablative fractional laser which is used for skin rejuvenation and has shown to have some effects on melasma. The fact that you are having this skin reaction is quite unusual and I would recommend that you go back to the person that treated you and see what they recommend you do now. I always recommend that these procedures be performed under the auspices of a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon as we can best determine how to handle any untoward events, even the one that you are showing now.

When we do these kinds of procedure we always recommend a very good skin care routine – and in your case one that also treats the melasma as well. So we hope that you are on a good skin care routine as well.

From the picture, this will probably resolve over time, but with skin care, this should not be a major issue.

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Tiny holes in skin after fractional laser

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I don't know when you had this procedure so this is sort of hard to answer. The tiny holes are from the pins where the energy is exerted under the skin. The holes will resolve themselves with time.

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Fractional Laser Treatment

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Fractional lasers drill columns of holes into the skin which allows a higher depth of ablation with less healing time since there is live tissue around the holes.  I would suggest to always follow up at the location where you received treatment for a timeline of healing.  Patients can initially see the columns of holes post treatment which will heal and fade over time. 

Hannah Vargas, MD
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