Fractional CO2 vs MixTo CO2 laser resurfacing

Is there a difference between Fractional CO2 vs MixTo C02 for laser resurfacing on acne scars? Wondering if there is a reason some doctors use one over the other or if it's just that one prefers one brand over the other?

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Fractional CO2 Laser Types

Mixto is one manufacturer of a fractional CO2 laser.  There are many manufacturers of fractional CO2 lasers including Lutronic, Lumenis, Syneron-Candela, Mixto, SmartXide, etc.

The lasers mainly differ in the modes of how the laser energy is delivered (Ultrapulse, Superpulse, Continuous wave) and the power output of the laser.  While the type of laser is important and can make a difference, the most important factor is who is doing the laser. The laser is a tool, just like a knife. The way the laser is set, how the skin is treated, at what setting it is treated, how many times it is treated, etc. will make a bigger impact on you results then the type of laser.

When choosing a physician to perform the laser procedure on you make sure they have performed many of them and see before and after pictures. 

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Different fractionated co2 lasers

There are many different brands of co2 lasers. The power of the laser is important and the size of the spot and the amount of surface area it can cover also are critical to optimizing results. Some practitioners have lasers that are not powerful enough to go deep to get results and so the key is to find someone with the right device for your concerns. The brand does not matter as much as the ability to reach the depths you need for acne scarring etc.

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