How to Permanently Remove Nose and Ear Hair

How do you remove hair from the inner/outer nose and ear hair permanently? I have got a bit of nose and ear hair but I wanted to know the best way of removing it.

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Spot Size Lasers Should Be Used on Nose and Ear Hair Removal

You can use lasers to treat these areas, but you need to be careful in choosing who does the treatments – it has to be someone very skilled and very experienced – and I would recommend in a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon’s office.

The lasers used, for the most part, have what we call spot sizes – the size of the treatment areas – that are larger than the areas being treated and therefore the technician needs to be creative in how they cover the areas not to be treated. In 2014, we now have one device, the Soprano ICE, which actually has a small curved handpiece attachment that can reach these areas and treat them appropriately – but other devices can be used with some creative techniques.

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Permanent LASER hair removal of nose and ear

The hairs of the nose (vibrissae) serve a purpose to filter the air around us. Removing the hair can potentially lead to a less physiological mechanism of the nose. On the other hand, hairs of the nose can be unsightly and plucking nasal hair can lead to potentially deadly infection. Excessive nasal hair can actually lead to worse function of the nose.

Ear hair serves even less purpose than nasal hair and can trap wax and also lead to infections with plucking.

LASER hair removal is an option for select persons and is effective in removing hair from the nose and ear. Typically, 2-4 sessions are required to permanently reduce the amount of nasal hair and ear hair.

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Laser hair removal for nose and ear hair

Unless you have hair on the palms of your hands or the soles of your feet, you are not unique. Some women feel embarrassed about hair on their chest, neck, face, feet, forehead, hands, abdomen, hands, buttocks or other areas. Hair in these areas on a woman is not unique. We know men shave their face, but men also shave their noses, ears, eyebrows, hands, shoulders, arms and many other areas of the face or body.
Laser hair removal for men of the back, neck, chest and shoulders are some of our most requested procedures. Male athletes must remove hair of the body some way in order to perform.
We have all heard about Brazilian Bikini waxing. Well, what about Brazilian bikini lasering? We do that too. What exactly is a Brazilian bikini laser? Well, that part is up to you. During the consultation process, you let the technician know just what areas you want treated, and any areas you want untreated.
A medical office with many years of experience in laser hair removal will not be surprised to hear that man wants his ears and nose treated with a hair removal laser. Likewise, an experienced laser hair removal office will have ample experience performing laser hair removal on any area of the face or body of a woman.

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