How Effective is Alexandrite Laser?

I have medium skin tone and dark black hair on face. Is Alexandrite laser suitable for me?

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Alexandrite laser is generally suitable for your skin type

Alexandrite laser is generally suitable for you skin type. However, as with all laser, certain precautions are necessary. The intensity of laser energy delivered can be determined by doing proper spot tests. You will generally see appreciable result after 3-4 sessions, but may require several sessions to achieve the desired result. Alexandrite laser is the least painful hair removal laser.

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Alexandrite LASER hair removal

The Alexandrite LASER is a very effective LASER for hair removall in patient with light skin and dark hair.  

Generally speaking, Alexandrite LASER is not  appropriate for patients with medium dark and darker complexions  There are other LASERs that are safe for patients with more pigmented skin tones.

Tests spots can sometimes be helpful in seeing how your skin reacts to whichever LASER might be considered. 

Fredrick A. Valauri, MD
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Alexandrite laser for hair removal

The Alexandrite laser may be very effective for you. The important risk to discuss with any laser used on slighlty dark skin tone, is the risk of darkening from the treatment. The trauma of the laser energy could create post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Test spots can be done using the laser on small areas of skin behind the ear, or near the hairline of the forehead or temple or sideburn to determine if you heal with such darkening. Even if you do develop the pigmentation, it might decrease over time, especially with the help of medicated creams and chemical peels.

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