Removal of Surgical Tape After Breast Lift...When Is Best?

My dr instructed me to remove the surgical tape at two weeks. I removed a small portion and it just does not look ready to remove it. I've heard many say that the dr does this for them and I've heard 3 weeks from people. The area I removed it from has a stinging feeling now.

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Removal of Surgical Tape After Breast Lift...When Is Best?

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I feel it is best to follow your surgeon's recommendation. Some surgeons use no tapes, and those that do have many protocols as to management. 

I usually remove the tapes at a week and replace them if the skin has no issues with the adhesive. 

If you have a question, calling your surgeon is best 

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Removal of surgical tape after breast lift

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I would let your surgeon tell you what to do with the tape. some surgeons including myself like to remove the tapes themselves, others have the patient do it. please check with your surgeon and follow his/her advise.

Tape on Incisions after Breast Lift?

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Probably best for you to follow up with your plastic surgeon for  direct examination and advice. He/she is ultimately responsible for your care...

Best wishes.

Steri Strip Removal

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I generally remove steri-strips off incisions approximately 2 weeks after surgery if they have not fallen off by themselves.   Every surgeon has their own protocols.  Please talk to your PS about how to handle your dressings.

Dr. Basu

Houston, TX

Steri-strips and surgery

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Thanks for your question.  I or my staff remove steristrips in the office if they have not fallen off, anywhere from 2-3 weeks.  Please see your surgeon if you are concerned about your incisions.

When to remove surgical tapes after breast lift

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There are probably as many answers to this question as there are plastic surgeons, and each surgeon has his or her own particular routine.  Generally I would recommend following your surgeon's advice, since he or she has specific guidelines that come from experience with the particular technique that was used.

Sometimes the tapes irritate the skin, in which case I remove them early.  If not many doctors keep time in place for 2 weeks or more.  Best to have your doctor take a look and see how your body tolerates the tapes.

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