Sagging D Cup to Perky B Cup? Is It Possible?

My breasts hang pretty low;I plan on lifting and reducting them in the future. Is it possible to go from my saggy d cups to a perky b cup? I've lost a lot if weight (80 pounds) but my boobs are still my old size.

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D Cup to Perky B Cup? Is It Possible

Easier to answer were there photos.

It is possible to reduce breast size with a breast reduction. All the breast reduction procedures incorporate a lift as an integral part of the operation.There may be limitations on the amount of tissue that may be safely removed to  maintaining enough blood and nerve supply to the breast, but getting to a large B is a good possibility. Best advice with come following a consultation. All the best.

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Sagging D Cup to Perky B Cup? Is It Possible?

A breast reduction could reduce the size of your breasts and lift them as well. One thing you need to realize is that breasts have sagged because of their weight and the subsequent reduction is skin quality. All of the "bad" skin cannot be removed, but you could still have a great appearance with little or no sagging. I find that most patients with large breasts do not want to go too small and size is important to discuss throughly with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

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From saggy D to perky B

yes it is possible. breast reduction techniques can not only reduce the volume of the breasts but also reposition the nipples/areolas and fill up the upper poles to a certain degree depending on your skin and breast tissue/fat content. please consult with a board certifed plastic surgeon and learn all you can about breast reduction surgery, which is one of the most patient satisfying procedures in plastic surgery.

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Saggy D to a Perky B.

Breast reduction surgery is a wonderful procedure that will reduce or eliminate any symptoms of heaviness and pulling while leaving a smaller perky more appealing shape. Ask around and do your homework to find a well-qualified plastic surgeon for this procedure.

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Perky breasts without implants or vertical scars

Ofcourse you can have perky breasts after major weight loss! There is a new procedure called the Ultimate Breast Lift that reshapes and lifts breasts without the need of an implant or a vertical scar. Breasts appear fuller, perky and are lifted high on your chest so that upper pole fullness is achieved successfully. It is not a cookie cutter procedure like the others. It allows the surgeon to custom design the ideal breast for large/saggy breasts.

The scars are hidden around the areolas and in the natural shadow of your breasts. Breasts appear natural, with no implants or the dreaded vertical scar.

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Dr. H

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Lift and D to B cup possible

Good news!  You have some great options.  There are several techniques available to help you achieve your goals.  Please visit with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to learn more about your options. 

Dr. Basu

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It IS possible to go from a saggy D cup to a perky B cup!

Breast reduction surgery by an experienced ABPS-certified plastic surgeon can indeed reduce AND lift your breasts in a straightforward outpatient operation. There are different breast reduction patterns that require different incisions and permanent scars, and there are pros and cons to each of them. Consultation with one or more plastic surgeons will give you the information you need to make an informed decision; review plenty of before and after photographs of each surgeon's actual patients, not just "general examples" that are not specifically each surgeon's own work. Don't be afraid to ask questions about scar placement and how various scar patterns affect the resultant breast shape.

Also, years of experience with women in the same position as you now are in make me give you the gentle advice of not going too small. Your weight loss is commendable and excellent, and still having large saggy breasts reminds you of being overweight. Once reduced, however, feeling like you have lost your womanly curves can make some women feel mastectomized, and they subsequently ask for implants to restore volume to their perky, but too-small, breasts. Please don't be overanxious and go too small!

Congratulations and breast wishes!

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Sagging D Cup to Perky B Cup?

Congratulations on your significant weight loss. Yes, it is possible to reduce/lift the breasts to a significant degree.  I would suggest in-person examination/consultation with well experienced board certified plastic surgeons.  Ask to see lots of examples of their work and communicate your goals clearly.

Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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