Can I Regain my Original Eye Shape After a Browlift That Went Too Far?

My surgeon did an endoscopic browlift that caused my eyes too be more open than they ever were even in junior high. It is not the surprised look and I do not look like myself. I want to know if it us possible to restore my eye back to it's original shape and how soon after the initial surgery can this be accomplished. I am about 2 months post-op. My surgeon has offered me Botox to help bring the eyes back a bit, but i'm leery. Has anyone done this approach? It seems so temporary. Thanks so much!

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Reversing Endoscopic Brow Lift

Botox can be used to relax your eyebrow position, but but it is difficult to gauge how much  to inject each time and this must be repeated every 3 months. We can surgically reposition your brows. Please forward pictures to  evaluate your appearance.

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Endoscopic browlifts easier to reverse

The good news is that with endoscopic browlifts, since no tissue is removed, it is relatively straightforward to reverse the lift. However you should realize the endo browlifts don't last as long and eventually will settle.

You might want to try the botox first and see how that does for your.

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Can I Regain my Original Eye Shape After a Browlift That Went Too Far?

It is possible to adjust the eyebrow shape and position with Botox after an endoscopic browlift. One of the downsides of the endobrow procedure that might actually help you is that the lift will tend to relax slightly over time. Hopefully, the expected amount of relaxation over time will leave with you a look that you find more pleasing. It is not unusual to be slightly over-corrected and have that look resolve over time. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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Can I Regain my Original Eye Shape After a Browlift That Went Too Far?

It is possible to lower a brow lift.  Botox can accomplish this as well.  In order to give you the best recommendation, you should see a qualified physician for a personalized consultation.

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