Eyebrow Lift Concerns that the Scar Tissue Will be Noticeable Under my Thin, Light Eyebrows, Should I be Worried?

Hi, I am sch. to have an eyebrow lift, eyelid tuck on Monday. My doc cuts into the eyebrow for this surgery. I have light and thin eyebrows and am concerned about the scars being very noticeable. She does not do the procedure from the forehead. Should I be concerned or do you think the scars will fade. Thanks, Diane

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Browlift via eyebrow incisions? Please consider this carefully as scars are PERMANENT.

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I am concerned that your surgeon "does not do the procedure from the forehead." Why not, if this provides a good lift, does not raise your hairline unacceptably, and gives a totally hidden scar? Perhaps your doctor is not a fully trained plastic surgeon. Check board certification; a "real" plastic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons are trained in all the surgical approaches to lift your brows, including direct brow excision (what you are scheduled for, and rarely recommended because of the permanent and visible scars, even after they fade), transblepharoplasty browpexy, anterior hairline (trichophytic) browlift for those with high hairlines, and bicoronal or endoscopic forehead lifts for those with normal or low hairlines. I am concerned you are seeing an ophthalmologist or even a dermatologist who is doing cosmetic procedures without full plastic surgical training or capabilities. Many oculoplastic surgeons may not perform bicoronal or hairline lifts, but should have the training and ethics to inform you appropriately.

Not only will it take 6-12 months for those scars to fade, they will still be visible and I will wager that you will be bitterly disappointed about this decision. Please reconsider, even if if messes up your schedule. A bad scar is permanent! Best wishes!

Direct Eyebrow Lift Scars

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Direct Eyebrow Lift Scars can be noticeable and concerning to patients.  As typically the scar from a direct brow lift is made at the superior border of the brow hair line it might be visible later on.That is why I restrict this technique to older patients with fair skin where the scar is expected to fade quickly and be "hairline" (barely noticeable).. Brow Lifts can be performed though a number of other incisions however which will hide your scar. For example your upper blepharoplasty procedure will have a scar in the upper lid crease so it will literally seem to disappear. It is possible to do a brow lift using an Endotine device to keep it lifted. Other approaches such as an endoscopic brow lift or short scar brow lift can hide the scars behind your hairline. These approached and issues of scars should be addressed with your surgeon as part of your informed consent.

Concerned about eyebrow loss from eyebrow incision? Lateral browlift can be performed with an upper eyelid incision

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Concerned about eyebrow loss from eyebrow incision? Lateral browlift can be performed with an upper eyelid incision. I do agree with Dr. Goldberger that plastic surgery does not create "invisible" scars, rather they are least perceptible if they are "hidden" by your surgeon. Typically an incision in your eyebrow is not necessary to raise the outer part of the brow. Especially in cases where an upper eyelid tuck is being performed, the upper eyelid incision can be used to lift the outer part of the brow.

Thank you for your question.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Eyebrow Lift Concerns that the Scar Tissue Will be Noticeable Under my Thin, Light Eyebrows, Should I be Worried?

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There is an expression, where there is a cut there is a scar.  Plastic surgery strategically places scars where they are least noticeable.  You need to talk with your plastic surgeon and ask her what her experience is with this type of procedure and your type of eyebrows.  The risks should have been explained to you including loss of hair in the area of the incision.  It is not necessarily common, but it can happen.  At the end of the day, everything is a risk/benefit ratio.  Why are you having this particular procedure with this type of incision, and is the risk of a scar worth the reward.

Sam Goldberger, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon

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