What Can I Do to Reduce the Muscles on my Forearms and Calves?

I am a girl nd I've got really big muscles on my calves and arms.are there any home remedies or can they be surgically reduced

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Reduce muscle of forearms and calves

Thank you for your question about reduction of the size of calf and forearm muscles.
  • I know of no home remedies,
  • If the size is from fat (and it can be fat not muscle) liposuction will help,
  • Nerves can be trimmed and/or nerves to the muscles cut - these are riskier and results may be asymmetric. Best wishes.

Calf reduction

Although reduction of the calf muscles by way of partial neurotomy (partial cutting of the nerve to the calf) is a known successful procedure, I am not aware of anything similar and safe for the forearms.  For the calf reduction, a couple small <1 inch long incisions are used to find the nerve behind the knee and then the nerve is patially cut so as to atrophy (shrink) the muscles over 6 -12 months but function of the muscles remain.  Hope this helps...RAS

Ryan Stanton, MD
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