What Are My Options For Calf Reduction? Costs?

Both my Legs Have Big Calves, How Much is the Calves Reduction Payment?

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Calf Reduction

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Thank you for your question. Prices will vary depending on the srugeon, where you live or are having the procedure, and the size of your eduction. I hope this helps!

Calf reduction

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Thank you for your calf reduction question.
  • The safest and best treatment is liposuction of the calves.
  • It works well if done conservatively (too aggressive leaves the skin loose)
  • You need to wear a snug compression knee-high stocking for at least 2 months afterwards for swelling and skin adhesion,
  • If the problem is muscle not fat, calf reduction can also be done by partially removing the muscle or partially severing the nerve to the muscle - but risks here are much greater than liposuction. Best wishes.

Toronto Calf reduction with liposuction can be quite gratifying!

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Thank you for your question.  In many cases of thicker lower legs, there is excessive adipose (fatty) tissue that can be carefully liposuctioned.  Make sure you visit a board-certified plastic surgeon.  In other parts of the world (like Korea), muscle excision and/or cutting off nerve branches to the calf muscles are done.  I don't have experience with those procedures but I would reserve those for extreme cases only, and with the right professionals.  I've had great results with liposuction alone in cases where there was a true excessive fatty layer.  Cost would be between 5200 and 6500$ (all included except taxes).  Best of luck,  Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Board-Certified.

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Calf Reduction Options

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The most common and effective procedure for calf reduction is partial neurotomy - essentially clipping part of the nerve branches to the calf muscle causing it to atrophy (shrink some) over the ensuing 6-12 months.  Like any procedure it is highly recommended to seek consultation only from a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in this type of procedure.  Hope this helps...RAS 

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