What Kind of Surgery Do I Need to Make the Part on my Legs Between my Calves and Ankles Thicker?

I have normal sized calves, but the area between my calf and ankle is very thin. This makes it hard for me to feel confident when wearing shoes with thick heels that are more than 1.5" tall. I'd also like to make my legs a bit thicker all over.. Is there a surgery for these two things? It's gross how thin the part above my ankle in comparison to calf is and I want to make it the same size as my calf. Thank you in advance!

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Hello, I understand your concerns and I know you have had several answers...but I wanted to say that aesthetically...you have great proportioned lower legs from what I can see. If you were to increase the size of your lower leg and ankle to match your calves...I think it would take away from the aesthetic appearance of your legs and actually hurt the overall appearance. I would advise you to ask for before and after pictures of the exact procedure you seek. You can then see and verify that this is what you want. 

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A Better alternative

The safest way to do this is with fat grafting.

This works really well, and has the additional benefit of allowing the removal of excess fat somewhere else.

The fat is gently harvested (using reduced suction pressure compared to normal liposuction) from an area where there is excess, such as your abdomen or flanks. It is then prepared to separate the fat from  the fluid injected, and the damaged fat cells. The fat is then injected in multiple little tunnels so that it is surrounded by normal tissue to provide blood supply for the grafted fat cells  to survive. The fat can be placed where ever it is needed.


Rodney A. Green, MD
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Calf implants to thicken legs

Actually you have very nice calves but I understand the look you want.
  • The best implant for you would be one of the long thin super-soft silicone implants designed exactly for this.
  • I have used them for my patients wanting an extended look and they have been very happy.
  • You want to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon interested in calf implants.
Best wishes

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Long Silicone Calf implants for a fuller and longer look to the lower leg

Thank you for your question.

Because fat grafting is unpredictable and lots of fat is required, often in 2-3 settings (and she seem very slim), I would suggest one of the longer silicone calf implant that will not only increase the muscle definition but will also fill the space between the head of the muscle and the ankle proper.  This should be done by a qualified plastic surgeon and all risks should be properly discussed.  I have performed over 120 of those procedures so far (March 2013).  Hope this helps!  Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Board-Certified.

Marc DuPéré, MD
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Ankle Augmentation

There is a silicone implant that can be inserted between the inner part of the calf and the ankle to make this area thicker (where the soleus muscle is) but it should be used with caution and only of moderate size so as to not damage any of the important nerves and blood vessels going into the foot.  A physical exam would first be required to determine if this is a relatively good option for you.  Because of the rarity of this procedure, I recommend only going to a board certified plastic surgeon that is well experienced in calf augmentation procedures.  Hope this helps...RAS

Ryan Stanton, MD
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