Can I Reduce my Masseter Muscle Without BOTOX?

Since I live in India and I cannot afford as well as for some reasons I do not have access to Botox therapy, can I use some 'Natural' solution for this problem? Also I think I am in early phase ( my jaw is not that much expanded) can you please suggest some preventive measures? I do not know whether I grind my teeth during sleep. I also think this might have happened due to eating too much (please tell your opinions on this). If I start eating soft food and liquid food, juice, will this help?

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Reduce Masseter Muscle Without BOTOX

Yes, you can reduce the masseter muscle without Botox. The masseter muscle is used in eating and clenching and talking. If you do less of these then the muscle will reduce. You may want to try dental splints, relaxation and stress technique so you don't clench, eat softer food, no chewing gums and rest the tongue on the roof then the floor of the mouth, so the masseter muscle is more in the resting mode.
But the best option is still Botox. Good Luck!

Honolulu General Surgeon
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Masseter and Botox

I do not advise the use of any "natural" alternative to Botox. Also, only a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon should be treating you with Botox.

Steven Hacker, MD
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