Recovery Time for Skin Excision Post Liposuction (photo)?

I had tumescent lipo to the upper/lower abs, back, hips, flanks and inner/outer thighs about 10 weeks ago with fantastic results (4500 ccs removed). My plastic surgeon did recommend the tummy tuck over lipo, but I did not want the extensive scar and recovery time. I had pockets of fat in lower abs and saddle bags that I could not remove from diet and exercise.

We discussed that excess skin could be an issue but I had very realistic expectations for the lipo. I love the results, however have a fold of skin in the bikini line of the lower abdomen that puckers out. This is probably due to poor skin quality from stretch marks of four pregnancies, no c-sections.

My surgeon suggested that we do a skin excision in a crescent shape to remove it, which is a scar that I can live with. I suppose it is similar to a mini-tuck with no muscle revision. I do have separated muscles, but they do not protrude or cause the abdomen to bulge. I am in my ideal weight range and pretty fit physically. Since the lipo has already been performed and recovered from, is skin excision common for skin laxity?

What is the recovery from the skin excision? My surgeon said maybe 1-2 days off work (mainly desk job). I was back to my normal routine 1 week post lipo (that also included a breast augmentation with creaseline revision) and excercising (slowly at first) within 2 weeks. Is that a realistic expectation? I trust my surgeon, but always like to research everything I do. I am having trouble finding information on recovery from just the skin excision anywhere. Thanks in advance for any information on your experience.

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Your recovery should be short

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Although I would recommend a full week off, depending on your type of work.  I ahve found that prolonged sitting can cause a lot of swelling in the lower abdominal area, and even contribute to the formation of a fluid pocket.

Your own surgeon, of couirse, will be most qualified to answer your questions.

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