Breast Expander Ripped out of Place?

I had a bilateral mastectomy 6 weeks ago. Last night while sleeping, I awoke with severe pain under my right arm. I think I jerked my arm in my sleep. Feels like a torn muscle. I think I can feel my expander under the skin now, . My gut instinct tells me I ripped the sutures on the right side under my arm. Here's the problem, it's Saturday night, Christmas Eve is Monday, etc. Is this dangerous? Or can it wait until December 26th?

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Breast Tissue Expander Pain

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Six weeks out it would be very unusual to rip something.  Things are very stuck down at that point.  If there is no significant swelling then be patient.  If there is enlargement of persistent pain those are more concerning symptoms.

Breast expander and pain

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Without an exam , it is very difficult to tell  why you have pain in your chest.  It is best to ask your surgeon and be evaluated.

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New York Plastic Surgeon
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