Would You Recommend Glycolic Acid Peels for a 19 Year Old? (photo)

I want to use glycolic acid peels to make my skin better, even out my skin tone more, and I thought that it do no harm. However, my mom thinks the opposite and thinks it could ruin my skin since I am so young. Therefore, what is the risks of using this peel for young people as opposed to older? Can I harm it? What are the risk factors? thank you

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Glycolic acid peels

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Glycolic acid is a mild peel that is safe for all ages and almost all skin types. Glycolic acid peels can be used to can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions including acne, rosacea, actinic keratoses, age spots, fine and coarse wrinkles, keratoses pilaris, pigmentation problems, and superficial scarring. When properly done in a medical setting, there are minimal risks.

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Improving Skin

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Yes, Glycolic peels may be helpful.  Also, you can try Retin A creams on a daily basis.  However, you would really need an in-person consultation to come up with the best plan for your skin.


Good Luck.

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