Did I Get Enough Botox?

I only had eight "sticks" between the forehead and the eyebrows. After reading the articles hear, it doesn't sound like I had nearly enough. What do you think?

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Did I get enough Botox

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Botox has to be properly placed.  Generally 5 areas are injected for the corragator muscles and 3 to 5 for the forehead.  It is best not to over do the forehead since the brows will drop

Enough Botox is Based On Your Face, and Units Given

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Botox is given in "units", with the normal vial of Botox containing 100 units.  You generally don't get the entire vial.  Typically, you get a certain number of "units" based on where you are getting injected, how much you want your muscles to move, whether you're a man or woman, and just overall previous experience.


The area between the eyebrows in a woman varies typically from 10-25 units.  The forehead can get anywhere from 5-25 units as well.  You may even need less or more, depending on what you want.


So, the "8 sticks" you got, unfortunately, doesn't tell us how many "units" of Botox you got.  You should ask your plastic surgeon how many units of Botox you received, where they were placed, and then you'll know if you need more units in the future or not. 

Best wishes to you,


Roy Kim, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

How about your result?

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Dear Mimi,  

        What really matters is not how many sticks you've had, but the result you have had.  Just as other's have said, the number of sticks varies with each doctor's technique, and quite frankly, so does the number of units per stick.  What matters is how much muscle function you have, as there is QUITE a bit of variance across patients, and what your specific goals are.  Some patients like to see absolutely no movement at all, others like a gentle softening, so make sure you express your goals to your provider.  Finally, give the Botox 2 full weeks to be at full effect before you judge your treatment.  Touch ups can be done if necessary.  For new patients, I treat conservatively the first time and see them back at 2 weeks to appreciate the effectiveness, and if more is needed it is given then.  I tell all new patients that it may take 1-2 treatments before we get the exact perfect regimen, and as treatment goes on for a period of time, you may need more.

Hope this helps.  Bottom line, the number of units is important, not the sticks!  And of course, the effect!!


Good Luck

Jasmine Mohadjer, Oculoplastic Surgeon

Tampa Bay, FL

How Many Injections are Required for Botox?

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Hi Mimi.  If you were having your whole forehead and the glabella (area between the eyes) treated then it does sound like too few injection points.  Different MDs have very different techniques where some use lots of injection points and others use far fewer.  

One of the key issues is how many units were injected.  For the glabella, it is normally around 20 units and for the forehead we typically vary between about 15 - 25 units.  So, if you were getting the forehead and frown lines treated and you had approximately 20 units, that's in the neighborhood.  If you did not, then you should probably address this issue with your injector.  

One of the reasons we charge more than a medispa for injections is that each of our first time patients comes back  2 weeks after the initial injections.  We want to know how we did and this method ensures that the patient and practitioner are both happy with the work.  It's also more expensive because of the time associated with bringing the patient back in.   We would rather under dose slightly and add at the 2 week mark than the other way around.  Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How Much Botox is Enough?

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I agree-- it is difficult to tell from a post.  With every patient I see for Botox, I spend a few minutes beforehand having them frown, squint and move their face a few different ways so I can see which muscles are the strongest, which helps me treat the right areas with the right amount.  This gives a natural look that is effective and wears off nicely too.  

I would definitely rather error on the side of caution with a new patient, and have them come back in for a little more in a week than over-do it.  That said, as someone who has done thousands of injections, a seasoned professional is usually good at evaluating how much should go where, based on the wrinkles as well as the needs and desired of the patient.  

Botox injections and units.

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Answer: impossible to tell. 

Do you know how many UNITS of Botox you received? Usually each "sticks" is about 2.5 Units. so you may have received about 20 Units. Every patient is different, so if you got 10 Units on your forehead and 10 units between your eyes, it may work for you depending on your anatomy. I usually use 15 Units per area so you may want to wait 15 days and if there are still too much movements then you can add few more units. 

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