2 Years After Tummy Tuck. I Have Muscle Pain in my Abdomen.

About 2 inches to the right (facing me) slightly above belly button, I have a random piercing pain. I've had a cat scan &colonoscopy to determine the source. It feels like scar tissue. Could this be what it is? Is there another device that can detect it & if so, is there treatment? It doesn't prevent me from working out or functioning but when I feel the pain,it can be very uncomfortable.When I rub it it seems to feel better.I am also still fairly numb in ab around belly button. Is this normal?

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Pain Two Years After Tummy Tuck Not Unusual

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It is not unusal for some patients to report the same symptoms that you are talking about, even two years later.  It generally is a nerve that is entrapped in some scar tissue, and is being irritated.  Try a regime of massage and heat to the area.  This generally helps improve the symptoms and can relax some scar tissue.  It is also not unusual to be numb around the belly button.  Unfortunately, this can take quite awhile to come back, and there is a small percentage of patients who never get it back.  If the pain persists for a few months, I would go back to your surgeon and have them reassess the area.  I hope this helps. 

Pain in upper tummy after tummy tuck.

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It sounds as if the major concerns such as hernia have been excluded therefore, it is likely that it is either due to the muscle plication or a neuroma. Generally, the former tends to ease with time whereas the latter may improve with desensitization therapy such as massage. Occasionally physical therapy instituted ultrasound therapy may be of help. Gentle but progressive applicatio of pressure may also be beneficial.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Pain after tummy tuck

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Intermittent burning or piercing, even pulling pains are common after abdominoplasty. Most of these improve after 1 year. It could be related to a pull on a nerve. Regardless, if it doesn't affect your quality of life, and other etiologies have been ruled out, I would carry on with full activity. I wound anticipate very gradual improvements over time. Symptomatic relief may involve massage, certain exercises, warm or cool compresses, or occasional over the counter antiinflammatory meds, depending on what works best for you. Numbness persistent beyond one year can be permanent and is usually of no consequence.

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