Post Tummy Tuck: Are There Any Reasons I Would Be Having Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding?

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See your doctor

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Your menstrual cycle can be influenced by surgery, making periods late or early. However, please see your doctor for a better assessment of your concern. Best of luck.

Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding after Tummy Tuck--Get it checked out

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Your question is dated three months ago, so I sincerely hope you have seen your plastic surgeon and your OB?GYN to discuss this problem.  The tummy tuck procedure is all external to the pelvis, but sometimes after having surgery with a general anesthetic, patients may experience a disruption in their normal menstrual cycle.  If the bleeding has persisted, definitely seek the opinion of both  your plastic surgeon and your OB/GYN doctor to make sure there is nothing unrelated going on.

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