Getting Ready For Round 2 of BBL But My Urinalysis is Scaring Me, Should i be Worried?

I'm about to be going for round 2 of my bbl next week but when i got my Urinalysis Gross Exam it states the followings are abnormal...i really want to get my surgery re-done but with these results it's scaring me...can i still get it re-done?.should i be worry?!! Appearance - Cloudy Abnormal WBC Esterase - 1+ Abnormal Glucose- Trace Abnormal Occult Blood- Trace Abnormal WBC -6−10 Abnormal RBC -4−10 Abnormal Epithelial Cells (non renal) - >10 Abnormal please anyone let me know asap

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Urine Analysis after first surgery

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You seem to have urinary tract infection.I am sure this needs to be treated before you under go second set of surgery either by your plastic surgeon or by your GP.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Your Urinalysis is abnormal, Most probably it is a urinary tract infection. You need to see your family physician and inform your surgeon. That is why we order all these tests to make sure your safety comes first.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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