Butt Augmentation Done with Fat Injections. Looks Worse Now. Didn't Know This Could Happen? Need a Fix?

I had a butt augmentation w/fat injections to improve the shape of my butt and to fill in areas where I had cellulite. In recovery I felt my butt. It felt as if fat was injected into the top and bottom of my butt. I now have severe deep cellulite right in the middle of both butt cheeks.I showed Dr the next day,response was it will be ok when the swelling goes down. 6 weeks later, it's worse. She says the fat didn't take in the heavily scarred tissue areas.REALLY? What will fix this?

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Cellulite after BBL

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It is hard to judge whether you had the cellulite before surgery without seeing your pre-op photos.  Cellulite is typically NOT corrected by fat grafting, although there may be some correction or improvement with the fat grafting.  If it is indeed from cellulite, your surgeon will first need to release fibrous septa going from the subcutaneous fat to the skin, which causes the dimpled appearance.  After this is done, fat grafting can be used to fill in the area.  Make sure you do  not sit on it for at least 3 weeks!!!

Revision Brazilian butt lift for cellulite

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Cellulite may sometimes appear to get worst after BBL or ever revision. Most of the time during revision Brazilian butt lift I find it necessary to release fibrous septa to improve cellulite. It requires precise grafting and release. Discuss this situation with your plastic surgeon. Cellulite can be fixed.

Stanley Okoro, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Butt Augmentation - How to Fix Dimpling

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I would have to see your pre-operative photos to know exactly how this happened. This can be improved with more fat grafting, but go to a board certified plastic surgeon with proven results. Always ask to see before and after photos so you are sure that your surgeon has experience with your desired procedure. Best wishes to you.

German Newall, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Depressions following BBL

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I really need to see a before photo to compare your results. Your deformity is better characterized as depressions which can be improved by release of tissue and repeat fat grafting in this area. 

Unattractive BBL result

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Based on your story, it's likely that the upper and lower parts are indeed where most of the fat was injected. It also may be that fat injected into the central area had less graft survival. Fat injections require careful attention to many details. Don't lose hope, because this type of problem can usually be improved with revision. 

Malik Kutty, MD
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

Revision Brazillian Butt Lift for post op dippling

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Difficult to asses your problem due to the nature of not being able to asses your preop photos.  Again a BBL is not the treatment for cellulite.  But then again It should improve it. 

Marco Gonzalez, MD
El Paso Plastic Surgeon

Brazilan Butt Lift

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It is evident that there is fat above and below the dimpling in the buttocks.

Such dimpling can be repaired with fat grafting, but one need to releasr the scarring or the septae that adhere to the skin and the fascia below. It may require smoothing the fat above and below the dimpling with minor liposuction of very prominent areas. Such repair may require multiple sessions to correct. Your expectations of the correction should be moderate as well. Scars do not take fat easily. The fat graft need to be put in the superficial plane and deep plane.

All this is technique dependant and you need some one with experience. Post operative care is very important with a good girdle. avoid sitting on that areas, you can use doughnut pillows may be two or three of them to avoid pressure on the areas of fat grafting.

Remember correction of deformities after surgery is much more difficult than the original surgery.  Fat graft take can be from 62% to 80% in the best of techniques. That is also why multiple procedures are required.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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