Cannot Raise or Stretch out Left Arm Following Mastopexy and Augmentation Surgery?

I am 10dpo following mastopexy and augmentation surgery. I had implants before but have had them replaced and a mastopexy done. I am struggling to get the full range of motion in my left arm/shoulder when I try to raise my left arm up I have a tightening pain in the muscle around my armpit. My right arm is fine I can move that one very well in all directions. Is this normal? I am having my stitches removed in 5 days so will talk to my surgeon then anyway...

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Pain and discomfort elevating left shoulder 10 days post implant exchange and mastopexy

The discomfort that you are experiencing is probably nothing to worry about though it is not the usual experience that patients have particularly following an implant replacement. You still may want to consider contacting your doctor prior to your scheduled appointment and discussing your discomfort. He/she may want to see you sooner to assess and help accelerate your recuperation.

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Arm movement restriction after breast lift with implants

It is normal to have some stiffness and reduced range of motion few days after the surgery due to swelling, tightness and pain in the area. At 10 days out of surgery you should be able to have increased mobility.

I would recommend to address the issue with your surgeon.


Good luck

Tightness of arm after surgery

The tightness of your arm may be related to work on your chest, but you should probably get it checked out by your surgeon.

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Decreased Range of Motion of Arm after Breast Augmentation/Mastopexy Surgery?

Thank you for the question.

Some tightening of the muscles of the chest and/or back area is common after breast surgery, but should gradually resolve and not be a significant concern around 2 weeks after surgery. You may want to ask for earlier follow up with your plastic surgeon who may be able to demonstrate range of motion exercise or massage to help expedite return of full range of motion.

Best wishes.

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Talk to your surgeon

Arm movement can be affected by surgery, but with time it will resolve itself. However, please discuss this with your surgeon. They may be able to recommend exercises to help your recovery.

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