Radiofrequency Devices Side Effects?

Is using radiofrequency devices for the face safe since they destroy fat cells? Can your body to restore fat cells naturally if it being damaged by rf devices such as thermage or venus freeze?

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Radiofrequency Devices Side Effects

Radiofrequency can destroy fat cells but only when specific energies are used. You cannot use Thermage and Venus Freeze on settings like that. The machines simply do not go that high. So there is no ability for these machines to destroy fat cells; the settings on them only allow for skin tightening. I have two Venus Freeze machines and I think they are fantastic. It's the one machine that I make certain I have a treatment myself with every few weeks. It feels fantastic and since I've started the treatments, my patients tell me I look younger and better than I ever have. I am my own walking billboard.


The only real complication one can get from radiofrequency devices is a skin burn due to arcing of the device.  The bigger issue is how well they work.  Thermage works really well for a small percentage of patients and the Venus freeze has yet to prove itself.  Our choice in our office is the Exilis which combines safety technology to prevent the superficial burns and it is reliably effective.  On the face, we do not do fat removal with the Exilis.  We tune the device to do just skin tightening and get great results.  Hope this is of some help.

Peter J. Jenkin, MD, FAAD, FRCPC
Seattle Dermatologic Surgeon
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