Swelling After Radiesse for the Under Eyes

I had Radiesse to help with density and dark coloring under the eyes. However, I ended up having swelling and discoloration, and it's been 2 weeks.

How long will this last? I have been sleeping with an ice pack/mask on and so far, I am seeing gradual yet minor improvement. The discoloration is also very bothersome.

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Radiesse Facial Filler and Complications

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Radiesse has a very high safety profile if performed as indicated in the nasolabial fold, cheeks, and jowls. The risk of complications are higher in non-approved areas such as the lower eyelids. Assuming the Radiesse was placed into the correct tissue plane, the discoloration can be a result of bruising, or a remnant of chronic hemosiderin deposition in the lower eyelids. For the bruising, I would recommend Bruisestick ointment (BruiseStick TM) or another type of standardized Arnica montana.

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Bruising or Tyndall effect? Dark circles under eyes after Radiesse

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IF this was associated with bruising it may take 3-4 weeks to see an improvement.

Some of my patients report improvement with arnica montana to expedite resolution of the ecchymoses.

If the radiesse was injected too superficially it can appear dark (Tyndall effect seen more commonly with hyaluronic acid injections) or even white through the skin but this does not seem to be your situation.

Radiesse can be somewhat firm for 3 months at which point the carboxymethylcellulose component is absorbed.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Radiesse is usually not a good choice for under the eyes

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First of all, Radiesse is not usually a good choice for under the eyes. The tissue is very thin there and a thinner product is usually more useful. Additionally, Radiesse cannot be removed like the HA products, so if you have a problem, you have to wait a year or so for it to dissolve. Swelling from Radiesse usually resolves within two weeks. Is the discoloration bruising? If not, it is probably not due to the Radiesse. Radiesse is best for deep injections in the midface. Good luck.

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