Got radiesse 3 months ago 2 vials already gone. My dr. said some people metabolize quick is this true or try another doctor?

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Lasting Affects of Radiesse

Thank you for your question. Some people metabolize Radiesse, Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane quickly, and this can happen. I would look to Artefill if you metabolize things quickly. With Radiesse, the carrier used in the product absorbs in several weeks, and the residual calcium is the building blocks of collagen building. Some build a lot, others very little. We like Radiesse, but not everybody gets a great result. Every body is a different challenge, and responds differently. I hope this helps.

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Radiesse Longevity

There are a few possible explanations for what you describe about your Radiesse.

1. Many injectors (myself included) like to mix a small amount of local anesthetic with the product to make the injection less uncomfortable and to lessen the chance of bruising. This is reabsorbed within the first day, so one would look more "filled" immediately after than they would long term.

2. Radiesse is hydroxylapatite in a carrier substrate. The hydroxylapatite lasts longer than the carrier, and it reportedly stimulates natural collagen. However, when the carrier is reabsorbed, there is some loss of the initial volumizing effect after a couple of months. The effects of the hydroxylapatite should be evident for up to a year.

3. The location and depth of placement also impact the longevity. It tends to last longer when used to restore volume (such as in the cheeks) than it does when used to fill lines in areas with a lot of repetitive motion, such as around the mouth.

4. You may have been under corrected initially. This can be addressed by having more injected.

5. You may indeed metabolize the product faster than most. I have a couple of patients who are rapid metabolizers, and both also go through the hyaluronic acid fillers (Restylane and Juvederm) just as quickly. One likes the initial results so much that she comes back regularly every couple of months for repeat injections. This gets costly for her, and I am trying to get her to try Sculptra. However, she likes the immediate result and so far has not been willing to be patient for the delayed improvement Sculptra provides!

Hope this helps.

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Never heard of 'older' filler.

I have never heard of 'older' filler being an issue, particularly Radiesse. I would look closely at your before and after photographs - you may just require more volume

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Radiesse should last at least 6-12 months

Chances are you had some prolonged swelling which made it appear as if the Radiesse was going away. I always tell my patients that if it seems to be disappearing too quickly it is one of 3 things:

1. The swelling made it look as if you had more put in than you did. If you liked the swelling, it means you need more product than what you got.

2. You had some "older" filler (Radiesse, Juvederm, etc.) that was in your skin from a previous treatment which is now going away. The newer product is probably still there.

3. If the product was injected deeper than it should be, for a particular area, it might disappear faster.

Metabolism could be a cause if the product disappears after 6 months.

Lorrie Klein, MD
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