Radiesse Injected Very Superficial, Can It Metabolize?

I injected Radiesse 3 month ago in my chin,but the doctor injected very superficial.I wanna know Can it Metabolize ? Thanks very much!!!

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#Radiesse Injected Very Superficial, Can It Metabolize

Generally, yes.  Radiesse is not a permanent injectable substance; instead, its calcium hydroxylapatite crystals stimulate collagen growth.  The material is absorbed slowly (over 12-18 months typically) but it should happen on its own.  I would generally advise patience to allow it to settle down on its own.

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Radiesse Injected Very Superficial, Can It Metabolize?

Radiesse is calcium hydroxyapatite and can be injected directly onto bone. Although it was injected superficial, it will still metabolize 

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Radiesse to chin

It can and will metabolize, but usually not for 12-18 months. I don't usually recommend superficial injection of Radiesse; it's more for areas of high volume loss and does well injected on to bone. Hope this helps.

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