How to Get Rid of Depressions from Quinine Injections?

I have depressions in my buttocks due to Quinine injections. How can I get rid of them? Do you think a massage could work? They feel hard.

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Fat grafting is a good option to correct butt asymmetry

Asymmetry or depressions in the gluteal region can be a stubborn problem. One option that you may consider is the fat grafting to this area. In this procedure we remove fat from one part of your body clean and process the fat so we only have healthy fat cells and then strategically inject the cells into these depressions.

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Buttock Depressions

Dear Shonah,

Massage may work only if the depressions are caused by a recent, acute inflammatory reaction. IF the hardness you feel has been long-standing it may be chronic cicatricial retraction which is inlikely to be completely reversed by only massage. In that case, you may need to wait until the inflammatory process has resolved, tissues have become more supple and undergo subcision (sharp undermining of the dimpling areas with filling the tissue void above with your own fat grafts. Good Luck.

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