Refingel Injections for Buttock Augmentation?

I was also looking into injections for buttock enlargement with Refingel offered by a clinic in London, but I'm not sure of the long term effects of this substance and the risks attached. It is a permanent filler?Please can you help advise if this would be a good option to remedy flat butt after Liposuction, and the irregular shape issues? I was thinking of a temporary filler, but I dont want to be committed to reinjecting every year. Thanks.

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Stay away from synthetic injections for butt augmentation!

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This is a very common question that we receive here in Miami. There are many people that are offering to inject artificial materials into the butt for the purpose of making the butt larger and more shapely. At this time, none of these materials have been approved for this purpose by the Food and Drug Administration. More importantly, your body may severely react to these materials causing disfiguring scarring and possibly a life-threatening infection. Several patients here in Miami have actually died after receiving these injections.

At this time the best and safest way to augment and shape your butt through injection is by using your own fat. Scheduled as a plastic surgeon with a great deal of experience in this technique may be quite happy with the results.


Pat Pazmino

Buttock augmentation with Polyacrylamide gel

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"7.7% experienced complications such as swelling, abscess formation, lumpiness"

Read the science BEFORE you believe the hype.

Lastly as Dr. Simon's post states, you DO understand that giving a NON-FDA approved medication or injection consitutes an illegal act. The person giving such "treatments" is knowingly breaking the law. Do you think that they really care about you or how long will they have to practice in that community?

I also think a Brazilian Butt lift, fat transfer to the buttock is the only safe alternative to buttock augmentation.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Buttock Fillers

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To my knowledge there are no approved substances to be injected into the buttocks other than a patient's own fat. And if there is an approved substance, in a country other than the U.S., there are certainly no long term studies about its risks and complications. I frequently perform buttock enhancements using a patient's own fat cells harvested with liposuction. This has been a very safe procedure with excellent results in my practice with extremely satisfied patients. Even in patients that present in their consultation without enough fat for this procedure will often gain weight to have it done therefore avoiding the need for any foreign material which has significant inherent short and long term risks and problems.

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