What Questions Should I Ask "SPECIFICALLY" to a Surgeon About my Hernia Repair ? (photo)

I have a hernia around my naval. The only surgeon I have seen so far is telling me that I would probably be out of work for 8 - 12 weeks and that I would probably loose my naval because they would have to cut a lot of scar tissue out from a previous surgury. He also told me they would probably have to use mesh and don't want mesh inside of me. I had surgury in 1961 when I was a baby because of intiception and while they was in there they also removed my appendix. I am open to suggestions, HELP

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Large umbilical hernia

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I usually refer these to a general surgeon for correction 6-8 weeks prior to the tummy tuck.  But I think you'll be able to keep your belly button...

Not necessary to remove your navel

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Looking at your pictures, it does not look like you will loose your navel. It looks like your old surgical scar needs to be used as an access point. You will have decreased chance of a recurrence if a mesh is used. Ask your Doc regarding the use on a biological device like Strattice. I agree with at least a two month recovery of the abdominal region. 

Kevin Tehrani, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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?Remove navel for hernia repair?

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From my looking at your photos, I am not sure why the navel needs to be removed. It could be lifted off the hernia defect and sutured back down after the repair if it is done at open surgery.

I would seek another opinion on this one. Ask the surgeon if this can be done with a laparoscope (maybe not with the history of intussuception). Ask about the need for mesh. Mesh is usually used because the chance of recurrence of the hernia is much lower with mesh. Check with you regular doctor to see if he or she knows of a surgeon with special experience and interest in hernia repair. Good luck. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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