Scarring After Arm Lipo

I am 23, 5'2 and 118 lbs. I am fit but still can't shrink the size of my arms (thus the doctor said lipo would be a good option). With good skin tone, how soon will the scars become less visible? I know it takes up to a year for FULL disappearance, but when do they become fairly unnoticeable?

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Liposuction scars of the arms

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insertion site scars of liposuction in the arms may be placed in areas near the underarm and elbow that may be hard to notice but others may have to be placed in more visible areas of the mid upper arm.  They often fade in the matter of months but if you look very carefully, and stretch the skin, you will always find some mark. Some people may develop hypertrophic red raised and even itchy or tender scars, other scars may develop hyperpigmentation from inflammation and other scars can spread slightly leaving a wide white mark but most are less than a quarter to an eighth of an inch long.

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Lipo or Liposuction scars

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Lipo incisions are very small on the arm and are generally well hidden. Typically by 3 months they are nearly invisible but in some fair skinned individuals they may remain red or in dark skinned individuals they may remain hyperpigmented for up to 2 years.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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