Fluid Accumulation 3 Weeks After Liposuction

I had a tummy tuck 8 months ago. Three weeks ago I had some follow up liposuction to tighten things up. My stomach "jiggles" like there is fluid inside. If you push down and then let go, it moves like there is pocket of fluid not like a fat stomach. Is this normal at this stage?

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Seroma after liposuction following abdominoplasty

Serum may accumulate in empty cavities after surgery. As this fluid is stagnant, it does not benefit by the body's circulating defense mechanisms such as white blood cells to scavenge and clean up  the environment. If bacteria enter, then they may create a large infection. Usually these seromas can be diagnosed by examination and also shining a light (transillumination). They can be drained and compression garments are usually needed. The drainage may be needed on a recurrent basis until the seroma disappears when the walls of the cavity collapse on themselves. Call your surgeon as they may want to see you without delay.

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Seroma after liposuction

It sounds like you may have a seroma in the area.  You should go see your doctor. You may need it aspirated to remove the fluid.

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This area may represent a persistent seroma.  You should revisit with your plastic surgeon for an evaluation and the best way to treat this area.

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Fluid Can Develop After Liposuction

Fluid can develop in the space where the fat was removed.  The medical term is seroma.  The fluid itself is harmless as it is a mixture of plasma and blood.  However, it can get infected if it gets near the skin and the body can wall it off with scar tissue called a capsule, which can be troublesome.  You should notify your doctor as it may need to be drained.  Drainage can be with a small amount of local anesthesia plus a needle and syringe.   Usually syringe drainage is necessary a few times until your body stops secreting the fluid.

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Fluid accumulation 3 weeks after liposuction

Run to the treating surgeon ASAP! You have a seroma or hematoma that could become infected. The treatment is antibiotics and aspiration.


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