I Am Only 22, Why Does My Face Look Tired and Old? What Can I Do? (photo)

Hello,doctors.I'm only 22.But I look tired and old.Here are my pictures.Please tell me the reason.

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Get rid of Old and Tired looking face

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Could it be that you have allergies or just simply sleep deprived?  

Many people are sleep deprived and this takes its toll on your skin as well as your overall well being.  Allergies can also make your eyes look puffy and swollen which can making you look tired.

Don't overlook the importance of nutrition (fish, fresh vegetables, fruit to name a few), hydration(recommended daily intake of 8, 8oz. of water), vitamins and SLEEP.

So, eat, drink and sleep better for younger looking skin!

~ Dr. Gregory Diehl

Long Island Plastic Surgeon

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