Question on Broadening a Smile With Invisalign?

I have heard conflicting answers on whether Invisalign can broaden, widen, and give you a bit more of a "Hollywood" smile. My question is can adults who have straight teeth, but have small mouths or lips, and whose front teeth only show when smiling, have Invisalign done to broaden the smile so that even the back teeth can show, and have a more prominent or "open" look when smiling? I hear different opinions on this and was curious. Can an imaging software also preview this possibility? Thanks.

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Broadening the smile

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The simple answer to your question is no.  Invisalign is good for tipping the crowns of teeth outward a little bit.  But is cannot translate the teeth through the bone.  To get the best results for broadening your smile use fixed braces and consider periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAOO by developed by Wilcko brothers).  This will yield you the best result if you want a broader smile

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Invisalign Can Broaden a Smile to a Limited Extent

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While Invisalign CAN widen your arch, it is limited in the amount it can do so. Your Invisalign dentist should be able to get you a "ClinChek" which will show you graphically exactly how much they predict your teeth will be able to be moved. Your dentist will charge you for this service, as he has to take impressions and submit photos and X-rays to Invisalign. You do NOT have to commit to doiung the Invisalign until AFTER you see the ClinChek results and have had time to discuss the case with your dentist, and get the fee for the complete case. Imaging software will be of NO HELP, because you can be shown anything on the imaging, whether or not it can actually be accomplished. The ClinChek, on the other hand, will show you what Invisalign actually predicts your teeth will do.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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Well, yes and no! If there is sufficient gum and bone support to permit the movement, yes the back teeth can be moved outward to create a broader smile. On the other hand, there often is a limited ability to move just the teeth because of insufficient bone support and gum tissue converage. In such cases, meeting the objective of broadening the smile in adults may require a combination of surgery and orthodontics. Up until the mid-teenage years, while the face is still developing, another alternative is to do orthopedic expansion of the upper jaw with a palatal expander. I recommend that you consult with an orthodontist to learn of the options that will best meet your needs..

R. William McNeill, DDS, MS
Mercer Island Orthodontist

A Broader Julia Roberts-Type Smile

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We use Invisalign to broaden smiles all the time.  This "side smile" as we call it at the Center for Esthetic Dentistry, LLC is so often forgotten by dentists. For us a smile goes all the way back to the first molars on the upper and all those teeth can possible show when you are happy with your smile.  Often when this happens, the lips relax and more of your teeth show in your smile ~ like a self-fulfilling prophecy!  Be sure go ask your dentist or orthodontist if they think this might happen for you because there are some fixed structures like your jaw shape, your facial muscles and your lips mobility/thickness that cannot be changed and thus will continue to influence the broadness of your smile.

Can invisalign broaden a smile

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Invisalign or braces can broaden a smile in adults only to a very limited degree....and the more the smile is broaden the more unstable the correction is meaning that not wearing a retainer every night for ever could lead to a quick collapse of the correction.

Anyone can show you an animation of a broader smile but can they produce one that is very careful!

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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