Embrace scar treatment strips keep rippling after application. What can I do? (Photo)

I am applying my embrace scar treatment Strips to my tummy tuck scar as directed. I leave it on for two hours before I put any clothing up around it. It always starts to ripple leaving deep demarcations on my skin all around my scar and on my Tummy should I be concerned about this? Your advice is greatly appreciated

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Embrace Works in Theory But Not in Practice

The makers of Embrace have made a hard campaign to surgeons, trying to convince them that their product is easy to use.  When we tell them we have problems, they look quizzical, as though it's the first time they heard of such a thing. 

If your Embrace seems to be tight when you are standing up, that's about as good as it's going to get. 
Best of luck!

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Embrace Active Scar Defense

After applying Embrace Active Scar Defense, there are some normal changes after application that can be expected as the device is applied every 7-10 days. Wrinkling is a sign that the strip is conforming to your skin, and this is normal. Other changes you might notice include air pockets and condensation. Air pockets form as your skin breathes underneath the active scar device. Condensation occurs when you shower or undergo strenuous activity. When using the Embrace, the important thing to monitor is if the edges are fully adhered to your skin. If you do notice the edges are lifting, it is time to remove Embrace. Your board-certified plastic surgeon is your best resource during your recovery period. Remember to follow-up with him or her to make sure you are healing properly. Good luck with your scar therapy!

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Embrace scar treatment strips keep rippling after application. What can I do?

It actually looks pretty well adherent to the underlying scar. The wrinkling is not a big deal unless there are gaps beneath it and it is not stuck to the skin. There literature is pretty clear that silicone gel sheets work the best for improved scars. So I would just double check with your surgeon or their assisstant to make sure there are no gaps beneath the product. Best of luck. 



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