PurTox vs Botox: Will PurTox Be Better Than Botox?

I saw a news story that purtox is going to someday be available as an alternative to botox. Will it be better or the same as botox injections? I guess it may help cut the cost of botox since they don't have competition now.

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Purtox will be another variety of Botulinum Toxin (Botox)

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Purtox will just be another variety of Botulinum Toxin. There are several versions of Botox on their way to being approved (not yet) for use in the USA. These include Purtox and Reloxin. They each have slightly different formulations, but all work by the same mechanism.

So, one may have a quicker onset of action or a longer duration of action. However, we will not know for sure until they are used clinically. I think you are right that have more than one brand of Botulinum Toxin approved will help lower the prices.

Dr. David Shafer

Purtox vs Botox

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I have been waiting for the release of Purtox which should have already been available.

From the knowledge that I have, it is as effective as Botox. Year after year, Allergan the distributors of Botox (they did not invent it), has raised its price. Of course, except this year which they held off in anticipation of the release of Reloxin and Purtox.

Since I intially purchased Botox in 1997, it has nearly doubled in price. My charges to the patient have remained the same. Many practicioners are eagerly awaiting the release of new products which can realistically challenge the virtual Allergan monopoly over the market. However, any of the emerging competitors have benefitted from the Allergan price increases because they can price their products at a higher purchase point then they could have several years ago.

PureTox vs. Botox vs. Dysport

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Consumers and aesthetic physicians should welcome pending approval of PureTox. All of these botulinum toxins will be comparable in efficacy and longevity. There will be marketing efforts to distinguish nuances. Hopefully it will create greater competition among these aesthetic manufacturers to bring out more attractive promotion and cost savings.

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