How Much Does Punch Excision Scar Revision Cost?

How much does punch excision scar revision typically cost per scar? And is Restylane be a good filler for other acne scars?

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Punch excision vs. punch grafts

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Punch excision vs punch grafts are different procedures and different physicians charge differently related to the complexity of the type of scarring. Punch excisions involve the removal of a scar and stitching it closed. Punch eleveation loosens the scars and brings them higher in the skin to meet the surrounding skin surface but then you end up with a persistent different texture of the skin, e.g. scar tissue. Punch grafts remove the scar and replace it with a very small skin graft from behind the ear. Many of these procedures involve resurfacing thereafter to improve the appearance. You need to see a physician who is skilled in doing this and during the consultation the best plan for treatment of your skin will be determined and the cost can be quoted to you at that time depending on what is decided as to the best procedure(s).

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Acne Scars and Punch Excision

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Some of the punch excisions might be covered by insurance. Check with your insurance provider. If not it should cost about $250 to $750 per punch excision.

In terms of fillers, Sculptra is the best filler for acne scarring. Make sure you go to someone who does a lot of it and is really good at it. Also remember to massage aggressively for one week after the injections.


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